International Telemarketing

Because your business is not limited by borders, we also offer unscripted, international telemarketing services.

As the world becomes more connected, we understand that your campaigns need to span a wider region.

Our multilingual team has experience working throughout Europe, the Middle East, and the emerging BRIC countries, and we can ensure that your next international campaign benefits from the very best in telemarketing support.

With our international telemarketing operators, we adhere to the same high standards as our UK native callers:

International B2B Experience

Our agents are experienced communicating with companies on your behalf at an international level, with experience spanning Europe, the Americas, the Middle East and emerging BRIC countries.

Native Language Speakers

Fluent language speakers offer your campaigns a natural prospect conversation, helping to break down the barriers between you and your customers.

Local Market Knowledge

Not only do our agents know the language, but they've also lived in the regions which we support. So they already know the culture, customs and business operations.

Core Product & Solution Understanding

Over 30 years of delivering services for B2B companies has built our knowledge in a huge range of sectors and products, meaning we hit each campaign running.

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