GCL’s Marketing Agency Partnerships

As a specialist Telemarketing, Market Insight and Data B2B marketing agency itself GCL understands the demands that B2B clients make on an agency to be creative and deliver great service, tangible results and ROI.

As a marketing agency ourselves, we understand that it may not always be possible to provide everything a customer may need in-house, and many agencies don’t have a specialist internal data or telemarketing team to support client campaigns. That’s why many leading marketing agencies across EMEA and the Americas partner with GCL to provide the expertise, experience and execution to support internally delivered activities.

Whether you’re searching for an accurate market data to underpin your campaign, target account insights to drive an ABM programme, looking to bridge the engagement gap between MQLs and a sceptical client’s sales team, or are an events agency looking to grow delegate numbers or a key client event, in partnering with GCL you can be confident of working with a B2B lead generation specialist with over 30 years of experience delivering excellent service and results to both end-user clients and other marketing agencies.

As the world becomes more digital, campaigns often lack the personal touch of having a conversation to complete the cycle of generating and qualifying leads, appointments and gathering insight. As part of your holistic client campaign, GCL can deliver multi-lingual telemarketing, data and insight services directly to your clients through an open referral, or as a white-labelled service.

What’s in it for you?

Revenue Generation

Your clients demand results and ROI. Having a repertoire of incremental services to offer to achieve this only serves to increase your revenue. Adding on, or putting forward GCL’s services can help achieve these results, support client retention and increase profitability. You can choose to white label GCL’s services or gain a rolling referral fee from GCL for the introduction to your client. And in addition to supporting your own clients, we can provide an outsourced ISR function to support your own business development efforts.

Boost Your Reach

Most marketing agencies either have a speciality or brand themselves as a total services agency. The reality is there’ll be certain aspects where they need a little helping hand. By partnering with GCL, you can add  B2B telemarketing, market insight and complete data services to your services portfolio without the set-up or overhead costs. Boost you client campaigns as an when required, and reach out to new regions that you don’t typically cover.

Increase Success

All marketing agencies are measured by their clients on the results and ROI they generate. If your digital campaign isn’t getting the leads it needs, professional telemarketing and quality data can step in as the key ingredients where other forms are marketing struggled. Whilst most digital campaigns will create leads andMQLs, the personal touch of telemarketing can qualify and nurture these to the next step. This is where GCL comes in to maximise success and make your agency look good in the process.

Client Protection

We all know what it’s like to both win clients and also to lose clients. We all crave client retention! Most clients are demanding in that they don’t just want a marketing service delivery but they expect creativity, ideas and guidance to ensure that the results are actually delivered against their brief. Having GCL’s services and experience to offer your clients will enable you to offer something different (or extra) into their campaign mix. If you deliver a great service and the results, you’ll protect both the client and their revenue spent for yourselves.

Trust in GCL

At GCL we see ourselves at the sharp end of B2B marketing where clients expect results that convert to sales quickly. We know what it takes to win a client and we know what it takes to keep them happy. As well as delivering results and meeting targets, it’s important to build a great relationship and trust with our clients. Trust is absolutely key! In working with you and your clients you can rest assured that we will give the best advice based on our 30 year marketing pedigree, be honest, open and transparent. We won’t compete with you, but we will add value to both you and your client.


How we help:


Marketing needs good quality data to be effective. Targeting the right people, in the right companies, at the right time is crucial to generating quality leads.


Communication is what our marketing is trying to achieve. Through telemarketing, we can support your existing marketing activities through building relationships, nurturing leads and following up interest indicators on your behalf.

Events Support

Data can provide you with a list of prospective attendees, but the real value comes from using telemarketing to support through phone awareness campaigns and last-minute registrations and confirmations. Plus post-event follow-ups to capture those interests stirred on the day.

Market Insight

Gain deeper insights into your market, prospects and customers to help influence your marketing direction. Create more relevant content, use the most relevant channels and harness more information than the competition.

Why work with us

GCL is able to provide trusted and tailored outbound marketing solutions to help our clients meet their strategic lead goals efficiently with a data-driven approach.

Based in Birmingham, UK, we have experience improving the lead generation efforts of businesses in a wide range of sectors. For over 30 years, we have provided unrivalled telemarketing services that deliver qualified sales pipeline, allowing your clients to grow by supplying a steady stream of quality leads and appointments.

We understand how various marketing channels interact, and how implementing the combination of both inbound and outbound marketing, is the best option for a consistent lead generation supply, nurture programme and client satisfaction. In short, we’ll make you look good.

How to achieve marketing campaign success

Our Services

B2B Telemarketing

In the digital age, it’s more important than ever to connect with your customers on a personal level. Our lead generation, lead nurturing, appointment setting and other telemarketing services are designed to give you the best possible start to those conversations.

Data Services

Knowing your market and buyers inside out means you can deliver messages that speak directly to your customers’ concerns. To make this possible, we provide several GDPR compliant data services as well as advanced audience profiling and channel mapping.

Market Research

Find out what is really happening in your market and with your prospects, customers and competitors.

Sales & Marketing Consultancy

Allow us to build you a comprehensive sales and marketing strategy to deliver customer insights and build your lead generation and brand awareness.

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